About // SuperSonic

SuperSonic is an independent record label based in Brisbane, Australia specialising in recording, releasing and promoting original and experimental music. SuperSonic curates a monthly concert series focusing on new and original music in the Brisbane jazz/improvised/experimental community. These shows often serve as album launches for artists releasing their work through the label. Our aim is to capture and document the current state of the Brisbane jazz/experimental/improvised music scenes as well as providing a platform to promote artists and projects we love.

Being a sub-label of Green Chimneys Records, our focus is providing opportunities for artists to record and present their work as well as fostering an environment of original music making. Whilst we deal predominately with artists in the jazz realm, we don’t have any particular style/genre bias. We are simply looking to work with artists who have a focus on originality and experimentation in their music. In our short history we have worked with artists who could be categorised in the genres of jazz, free jazz, improvised music, electronic music, neo-classical, minimalist and we hope this eclectic list continues to grow.