Barcodes and ISRC

Barcodes for Music Recordings

For every SuperSonic release that makes it to CD or vinyl we place a barcode within the artwork to uniquely identity our product at record shops and on online stores. Since we started we have been using Oz Barcodes to provide us with unique EAN numbers and barcode images to include on our album covers. Like us they’re a locally minded Brisbane based business and we recommend them to other independent creators and artists who are in need of this service.

ISRC for individual tracks

Just as important as having a barcode to represent our releases is having an ISRC code to represent each individual song. ISRCs encode the songwriter and recording credits within a digital track. This way, when a radio station or store plays your recoding APRA has a means of distributing your royalties to you.  ISRCs are provided by ARIA and they will assign you a prefix to begin identifying your catalogue. For anyone serious about earning a scratch from their music we think it’s  best to have these two bases covered prior to a release.