// Helen Svoboda’s SPROUT is back to launch their second album ‘Sleep Architecture’. The music has been written to transport the listener across various different dreamscapes – some tranquil, some not-so-tranquil. Each piece depicts a different story. One may imagine a pleasant dream amidst a sunny meadow, which occasionally gets intercepted by a flying elephant in a top-hat… Truly, anything is possible… // // Featuring the original lineup of Helen Svoboda (double bass/voice/composition), Simon Svoboda (cello) and Sophie Min (piano), the Brisbane-based trio has played together for almost two years. Special guest Andrew Saragossi also features on the alto-clarinet, adding to the more intense moods associated with sleep. Start dreaming, people. ~

// ‘Open’ is Sophie Min’s intimate, open-minded and lyrical album that is the culmination of several improvised jam sessions with musical partners Helen Svoboda (double bass) and Tim Green (drums). After the initial discovery of each other’s distinctive sounds and tastes, they wanted to capture the unique energy of the trio on record. The recording took place during an hour-long session at Min’s home studio and was guided by the following aesthetic:
‘the more clearly one hears the room, the more pure the energy is that contours the music’.

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