Martin Kay’s Forage // Move to the Bleat

Martin Kay, composer, improviser and saxophonist, leads this troupe of the most fantastical musicians. It is rare you will hear such a heady brew, such herby goodness. As a forager, I love this uncategorised biodiversity. The foundation of the sound is two double basses – a two-tree process – with drums and piano and a tractor of alto sax, tenor sax, trombone. Visceral rhythmic jigsaws and sonic baths shift matter, swirling molecules. The musicians take to the structures with hoses, secateurs, chainsaws and dabs of cotton wool.

With great care the manicured lawn becomes unkempt. Between Messiaen’s tone-hoes and emergent free gardening, epic topiaries of form are shaped, inspired by wonderful garden pets such as the Fugu, Ligeti’s Goat, Thrice Mice, and our vagrants at the end of the row: Pedestrians of Steel.


Martin Kay // alto sax/clarinet/composition
Andrew Saragossi // tenor sax/alto clarinet
Brodie Mcallister // trombone
Sophie Min // piano
Helen Svoboda // double bass
Zac Sakrewski // double bass/effects
Benjamin Shanoon // drums