SuperSonic presents a new concert series focussing on new and original music in the Brisbane jazz/improvised/experimental scenes. For this show we will be launching the new album “Bodies of Water” by local saxophonist Matt Luff (Astro Travellers/Matt’s Mates) as well hosting the debut performance of the Brisbane Conduction Orchestra led by Benjamin Shannon (Kodiak Empire/Milton Man Gogh/Found in Trees).

Wednesday April 4th // Black Bear Lodge
Doors at 7pm // Bands from 8pm

Album pre-sales available via the below link:


Inspired by the music of John Coltrane and the abundance of spiritually uplifting musicians that call Australia home, Matt’s Mates seeks to convey a strong sense of gratitude, love and positivity drawn from the sensations of this land and it’s people. The band improvises with a strong emphasis on rawness, honesty and natural beauty.

Matt’s Mates are; Matt Luff (Tenor Saxophone/Compositions), Tristan Rogers (Trumpet), Andrew Saragossi (Alto Saxophone), Julian Palma (Baritone Saxophone), Brodie McAllister (Trombone), Rohan Seekers (Piano) Sam Maguire (Double Bass), Jessi Dunbar (Drum Set)


The Brisbane Conduction Orchestra seeks to explore the methods of Anthony Braxton and Lawrence ‘Butch’ Morris’ work and research in relation to the art of Conduction.

The collective was formed in September of 2017 and has been rehearsing fortnightly since, under the direction and conducting of Benjamin Shannon.

Conduction can be defined as:
The practice of conveying and interpreting a lexicon of directives to modify or construct sonic arrangement or composition; a structure-content exchange between composer/ conductor /instrumentalist that provides immediate possibilities to alter or initiate harmony, melody, rhythm, tempo, progression, articulation, phrasing or form by manipulating pitch, dynamics, timbre, duration and order in real-time.

This performance will feature one set from each group as well as music from GCR DJ’s.

FREE EVENT //  Visit the Facebook Event Page