Concocted Consciousness // downend

SuperSonic presents a new concert series focussing on new and original music in the Brisbane jazz/improvised/experimental scenes. For this fourth instalment, we will be presenting performances by two new groups experimenting with sounds both vocal and instrumental: Concocted Consciousness and downend.

Wednesday June 13th // Black Bear Lodge
Doors at 7:30pm // Bands from 8pm


Admas Tewodros – spoken word
Tristan Rogers – trumpet/electronics
Andrew Saragossi – woodwinds/electronics
Sam Maguire – synths/electronics

Concocted Consciousness explores our use of symbolism in the narrative that is our sense of purpose/existence. A selection of poems written and curated by Admas Tewodros ensconced in music performed by Tristan Rogers (trumpet, laptop & effects), Andrew Saragossi (alto clarinet, alto saxophone & effects), and Sam Maguire (synths & MPC). Admas’s poetry paints dilemma, consciousness, and connection in vivid imagery, with symbols both natural and metaphysical intersected by metaphors plunging you deeper into quakes befalling Concocted Consciousness.


Kayleigh Pincott – voice/effects
Conor Mcdonald – guitar/effects

Guitarist Conor Mcdonald and vocalist Kayleigh Pincott met at the Qld Conservatorium and formed a strong musical bond, which later developed into a regularly-performing jazz duo. Inspired by artists such as Bjork, Bon Iver, Ben Monder and Gian Slater, Conor and Kayleigh have been exploring freer and more abstract forms of expression under their new duo moniker. The formation of downend sees the pair move away from standard jazz repertoire and into the unknown, having spent the last few years writing and rehearsing their own original music, which utilises effects pedals, improvisation and looping.

This event will feature one set of music from each group as well as interstitial music from GCR DJ’s.
FREE EVENT // Visit the Facebook Event Page